Sunday School

Exposition of the words of God

Christ apostolic choir is a Bible believing church based on teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ. Every Sunday service 30 minutes is dedicated to our Sunday school where we dwell on the teaching of the words of God.

Our Holy Spirit inspired manual ‘THE WAY’ is used to facilitate our weekly teachings. This simple to use and self explanatory widely acclaimed diode gives room for dialogue and thorough exposition of the words of God.

You will learn under the leading of the Holy Spirit through his anointed  teachers on how to live and practice a true Christian faith. The words are illuminated in our heart to help member undergo the necessary spiritual growth and upliftment. We give God all the glory for the new wave of spiritual re-awakening on going among congregants.

It is always an interesting and Interactive session where members  get actively engage in questions and answers pertaining to various topics in the Sunday school manual.

You are invited to join us every Sunday to be a partaker in this learning at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are richly blessed.

Sunday school coordinator: Deacon Kayode Adodo
Time: 11:40a – 12:10p