This is a fellowship of God fearing and faithful men whose desire is to work together to make it here on earth in their endeavor and ultimately make it to heaven at the end after the other of Abraham our model.

The major assignment is to work together towards the work of God in the church and to see to the General maintenance of the church facility as required every time.

it is a gathering where older men mentor younger men to know the way of God and be Godly examples everywhere they find their selves.

Being a Godly father and a wonderful partner to their spouse is an example and challenge to other men.

Church growth physically spiritually and financially are major ways they are supporting the church. If you desire a Godly home, peace and comfort from worldly stress and people you can call brothers and friends then Christ apostolic church Chicago men of faith fellowship is the group to belong to. You are welcome we are brothers in Christ.

Deacon Babatunde Taiwo
Men’s coordinator