The Land of Restoration

Beacons of Light Youth Ministry

What are the Beacons of Light?

beacoThe Youth Ministry of Christ Apostolic Church of America, Chicago, is called the Beacon of Light because that is what we are. We are beacons of light in this world of darkness. We bring joy, happiness, peace, knowledge, brightness, and awareness to ourselves and those around us. As you continue to grow with us, you will be able to testify to this fact.

We are not some ordinary club or youth ministry. We are a way of life. What you will learn here will be able to affect every single aspect of your life in ways you can and cannot see. You will be able to be a beacon of light at all times (not just at church).

What is my place in the Beacons of Light?

We have great opportunities for you to be active in this community. We have created many ways for the gifts and talents that God has placed in you to shine and grow. Please take a look at the organizational chart of the youth ministry. There are several committees like music, newsletters, and evangelism for you to participate in. We would love to have you on any of our teams! If you are interested, please contact the head of the committee, one of the executive officials, the matron, the patron or the youth pastor. We would be more than happy to direct you on your path.

As a new member, you are automatically placed in the candlelight crew for an entire year. This is to ensure that you get one-on-one assistance during your integration into our community. During the first three months, you will be dedicated to getting you acquainted with the youth ministry as a whole and creating the basic foundation of your spiritual life. After the three months have passed, you will be able to actively participate in any of the committees that we currently have or create one that we do not have. You can become part of the executive board after being a member of BOL for six months.

What is expected of me as a Beacon of Light?

As a new member in the Beacons of Light, you are expected to:

  1. Further the purpose of BOL.
  2. Attend and participate in BOL and Christ Apostolic Church, WOSEM events.
  3. Attend and participate in three-fourths (75%) of all youth ministry meetings.
  4. Submit current contact, career, educational, and spiritual information.
  5. Participate in the election of the executive board.
  6. Attend and participate all Candlelight crew activities.
  7. Become acclimated and submerged in BOL.

As a beacon of light, you are expected to:

  1. Be a beacon of light in the world of darkness.
  2. Encourage the light in others to shine at all times.
  3. Give warnings to your fellow beacons, members of the parent church, and your external community when you see them going the wrong path.
  4. Inform your fellow beacons, members of the parent church and your external community on what God has done for you on a constant basis.
  5. Be a bright and positive representative of God�s eternal light.
  6. Attract others to God through your words, actions, thoughts and deeds.
  7. Be a source of Godly light to all those around you.

Please go through the bylaws of BOL. It explains how this organization is run and will give you a better idea on what is expected as member and future committee member and/or executive board member.

Let the light in you shine!